3 Ways to Improve Your Home This Spring

While many people think of spring cleaning once the weather starts to break in spring, others get the urge to up the ante just a little. Cleaning out the garage and organizing the attic is all fine and dandy, but, adding a retaining wall to the driveway seems a bit more exciting. Hardscaping projects not only help increase the resale value of a home, but they also help create the house of your dreams.

Now that spring is here, right now is the best time to get started planning your next home project. As the leading landscape designer in Yardley, PA, our team at Foraker Landscaping & Hardscaping is here to help.

We’ll work together to transform the exterior of your home to create the perfect backyard oasis. Here are three exciting ways to spice up your property this spring:

Retaining Wall

While some retaining walls are needed to help establish a specific area on a property, not all retaining walls or structures need to have a purpose. A new retaining wall at the end of a driveway can help transform the look of your home.


Chances are your walkway is the same as its been since the day you moved into your home. A new gravel or stone pathway can help transform the look of a front or backyard. Don’t just stop at the main driveway walkway. A new pathway around the whole house can change the entire look of the home. New pathways are cheap, yet affordable and can help set the groundwork for an even bigger job down the line.


Having a beautiful backyard patio to come home to can make the stress of rush hour on your commute home just a tad more tolerable. Perfect for just a glass of wine and a book to Sunday dinner with the family, a back patio is the perfect destination for anyone looking to spend their summer nights outdoors.

Anyone in search of a leading hardscaping and landscaping company in Richboro, PA should look no further than the experts at Foraker Landscaping & Hardscaping. With over 1,000 satisfied customers and glowing customer testimonials, there’s a reason homeowners from all across the region have come to us for our services. Call us today at 215-789-4111 to get started with your spring project!