Diane Cassera

I’d like to share my exceptional experience with Foraker. They were hired by E P Henry to replace 40+ pavers on my patio…that cracked after only two years from installation. Not only did they replace them, but they intermingled the new pavers with some of the original ones that were still intact…making it a much nicer blend of different lots. They came back to clean, sand and reseal the entire patio. It now looks like a brand new patio…even better than when originally installed. So the workmanship was incredible, and those that performed the work were equally outstanding. Occasionally I have hired contractors that have no desire to have my input, but Andy and his team worked with precision and kindness and listened to my concerns. I would highly recommend Foraker Landscaping to perform any project within their scope of expertise, and am so very happy that I have found such a dedicated, competent, kind group of individuals to assist me with beautifying my home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Trevor!